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Tale The tale is about the idols of master Penchalamma Narasimha Swamy. The enfant of Sri Krishnadevaraya are the genetic trustees of the forehead. However, the idols are moved to a close by mountain and the forehead has no idols. The individuals in the encompassing 45 towns want the idols set up returning in the forehead as they are experiencing several problems due to the idols not being set up returning in the forehead. Narasimha Rayulu (Jagapathi Babu) and Naga Penchalamma (Priyamani) choose to set up the idols returning in the forehead. However, Narasimha Rayulu”s attempts are delayed by Kota and his son Adithya Menon. They are the wicked dad and relative of Narasimha Rayulu and eye the residence of the master that is in believe in being managed by Narasimha Rayulu. So, Kota and co. destroy Narasimha Rayulu. Penchalamma is also murdered. Penchalamma requires beginning as Sohini (Priyamani). She drops in really like with Chakri (Kick Shyam). Chakri is none other than the son of the wicked Adithya Menon, the relative sibling of Narasimha Rayulu. How Penchalamma who has taken revival as Sohini finishes the incomplete process in her past lifestyle is the story.


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